The Adventure Begins

I guess the title of this entry is a bit misleading as the journey began on October 20th, 2017.  I had thought about applying for a home with Habitat but didn't think I would be able to get a house in the time I needed and so I started looking for other homes.  I couldn't afford anything in Whitestown where I worked.  I knew I needed to be close to Brownsburg as that is where my daughter's father lives and where she goes to school.  Since I have her at least 2 weekdays per week, short drive times were important to me.  I didn't want her to have to spend a ton of time in the car just to get to and from school. 

I found a house in the Speedway area and had put an offer on it.  The offer was accepted and an inspection was done.  There was a lot found that needed taken care of but nothing very major.  I had a strong gut feeling that if I took that home that I would be settling but I didn't feel I had any other option.  I needed some time to think about what to do.

A few days after getting the results of the inspection, I went to a Women's Build with Habitat in Whitestown and before we got started on the work the women with the organization began explaining to the group how the program worked in more detail.  God told me what I needed to do at that point.  I decided not to purchase the house in Speedway and to pursue a Habitat home.  I moved out of my apartment and found a place to live where I could rent month to month while I waited to find out if I would be approved by the board of Habitat for Humanity in Boone County.  That needed to happen for me to be put in the running for the home.

I was ecstatic about the possibility of living in the community I serve.  I'm the Event Coordinator for the Parks Department and I love Whitestown.  It's a great place to live and there is so much to come there.  Quality of life continues to go up as it grows.

A lot needed to happen in order for me to be approved.  These homes are not just handed to the people awarded them.  The applicant has to have a good credit score, fall in a certain range of annual income, and put in 200 sweat equity hours.  The equity hours come from taking classes (finance and life skills), and manual labor on Habitat houses.  50 hours of that 200 can come from family and friends coming to work sites and putting in hours.

I was paired with my budget coach, Deb, and she helped me get the process underway.  Let me just say that I LOVE this woman.  She is amazing and did everything she could to get me prepared.  She is one of those people that you are confident God put in your life for a big reason.  She gave me direction and pushed me to pay off my credit cards and be more selective about my purchases.  She went above and beyond to get me where I needed to be financially in order to be a low risk candidate for a home.

Habitat for Humanity does many different builds.  There is a Women's Build, Faith Build, and this year they've added The House That Beer Built.  As soon as I heard that I qualified for a home, I was all about getting The House That Beer Built.

The funding for this home is helped along by fundraising from local breweries. I used to work in the craft beer industry and know a lot of the people that work at the participating breweries.  Plus I love beer and so do many of my friends so it's easy to get them involved.

On Friday, April 20th, I got the call from my budget coach that I had been selected to receive a home this year.  I get to move into The House that Beer Built in AUGUST!!!!  When Deb told me I would be getting my own home in Whitestown, I lost it.  Ugly happy crying ensued.  I was currently working but didn't care.  I ran through the field at the festival we were having that day telling everyone I knew.  They had been rooting for me the whole time.  Some of them even happy cried!

I feel so blessed for this opportunity.  I am excited to get Hazel, my daughter, involved to show her what I am capable of so that she knows what she too is capable of.  I will never take for granted what has been given to me and will be eternally grateful to those who stood behind me and believed in me.

I'll keep you all up to date on opportunities to help with my build.  I'd love to see you this weekend though at the wall build for my neighbor Brad!  You can sign up HERE.

If you are interested in making donations to my build, you can go HERE.


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