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The House That Beer Built

As soon as I heard that Habitat for Humanity for Boone County was doing The House That Beer Built, I was determined to get it.  They do three builds a year.  The Faith Build, The Women's Build, and, new this year, the House That Beer Built.  I was telling everyone I knew that I wanted that home.  When I first met with my budget coach, she mentioned that one woman really wanted that build.  I laughed and told her that it was me.

I worked in the Indiana craft beer industry for a few years and I love craft beer.  The craft beer community is a very tight knit one.  It seems like everyone knows everyone else.  When you visit a brewery, you're bound to see at least one person you'd met at an event or another brewery.  Not only did I form relationships with other craft beer fans but also the owners and staff of the breweries.

The House That Beer Built is being funded by brewery fundraisers, hence the name.  I know that owners of many of the breweries involved and they didn't…

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